Terra Pannonia


The primary goal of the Pásztó Meat Factory is to deliver premium meat products produced from Angus beef cattle bred and fattened by Hubertus Agráripari Bt., Primarily to the Hungarian and secondarily to foreign markets.


Our mission is to acquaint Hungarian consumers with the taste and nutritional value of high-quality beef and the gastronomic possibilities inherent in beef, so that beef can once again occupy a worthy place in the nutrition of the Hungarian people.


The activity of Hubertus Bt. Embraces the whole vertical: the production of premium category Hungarian food by processing animals kept on its own feed. The value of the product placed on the market by the overlapping activities increases, enabling the company to achieve a higher result.


The animals fattened by Hubertus Bt. Are slaughtered in Zalaszentiván. We transport the animals - in quarters - once a week in our own vehicle to the meat plant. Upon arrival, the quarters will be prepared for maturation. Parts of meat that can only be matured at a significant loss are separated and processed before maturing. 21-day maturation in large-air refrigerated chambers consists of two phases: a higher-temperature 7-day and a lower-temperature 14-day. After maturing, the quarters are cut, and the cut meats are sliced ​​and packaged.


We work with the most modern packaging technology (skin, vacuum) so that our product reaches the consumer as fresh and safe as possible, and the meat retains its good quality both hygienically and biologically.


Advantages of skin packaging:

· Properly prepared from a kitchen technical point of view,

· Excellent visual display,

· Long-term preservation of freshness (approx. 3 weeks),

· Minimizing biological risks.

We deliver the finished products with our own vehicles.

In the case of our products, we can ensure traceability, which contributes to increasing the sense of security of consumers, making it possible to verify that the animal was born in Hungary and was slaughtered and processed in Hungary.

Our own design, which has won several awards, allows our products to appear on the shelves of demanding sales outlets. Thanks to the premium quality, our meat can be found on the menus of the best restaurants in Budapest and Lake Balaton.


The time that has elapsed since its launch has proven that the products of the Terra Pannonia product family are able to create a permanent recording market that is less exposed to seasonality and international trends. The constant demand for products provides predictability not only for the meat farm, but also for the agricultural activities that directly and indirectly serve it (animal husbandry, fodder crop production), guaranteeing that their products find a market for themselves.


Tamás Neumann

Food processing and Sales sector Manager


Hubertus Agráripari Bt.

H-8713 Kéthely, Sáripuszta 0275 hrsz.

+36 32 620 090