The service sector provides:

  • preparation, timing and implementation of construction investments necessary for the development and improvement of all sectors;
  • preserving the condition of existing buildings;
  • more economical operation of buildings in terms of energy consumption;
  • consultations with utility providers and government authorities, on renting of the machines under its management, if possible.


The security and the communal service team operate under the service sector:

The task of the security team is:

  • law enforcement patrols;
  • operation, control and development of property protection equipment;
  • night watch and security services;
  • initiating formal proceedings in the event of damage to property or attempts to do so;
  • control and supervision of the company's designated areas only;
  • maintenance tasks related to the operation of a central office building;
  • cleaning duties.


The communal service team performs:

  • care for the designated green areas and parks
  • continuous cleaning of the forests and rows of trees in our treatment.
  • care of green areas;
  • performing other groundworks with the available high-performance machines (landscaping);
  • contract work (landscaping, landfill preparation, slope design, machine mowing, shredding);
  • management and use of generated utility materials


Erik Mozsár,

Head of Service Sector

Phone: +36 30 463 7767

Fax: +36 85 460 001