Red deer
The Nagyberek is an almost totally uninjured, ancient livingplace, which gives an excellent source of nutrient for the game. No wonder that this provincial stock of red deer is one of the best in the country. Our hunting conception particularly prefers the intervention into the young stock of game for the sake of the strict protection of the later full-grown stock of game, which can be seen in our prices.
A healthy age-division, a strong and healthy stock of game can only be reached in this way. Annually approxiamtely 300 animals are shot out.

In spite of the fact that the fallow- deer appears casually in our area, we might capture a strong bull.

Great amount of roe-deer can be found in Nagyberek with trophies of medium quality. Annually approximately 100 animals are shot out, 40 of which are roebucks. Their trophies weigh 300 gr on average. Annually 2 or 3 bigger roebucks are shot out with trophies more than 400 gr. Between the beginning of Mai and the beginning of June is the best time to come to hunt for roe-deer.

Wild boar
Boar, boar, and boar- it is always exciting. The "Berek" (grove) is an excellent livingplace for this valuable wild animal. Smaller drives in the reeds or hide hunting by the full- moon and in snow look promising. The wild boar that weighs disemboweled more than 150 kg, and which has got tusks longer than 20 cm, is not rare here. Annually approximately 250 animals are shot out.

The always-successful pheasant beating, and following the hounds provide a particular adventure for hunters who like hunting for game birds.

Hunting seasons

Red stag: 1 st September - 31 st January
Crowned stag: 1 st September - 31 st October
Fallow buck: 1 st October - 31 st January
Roe buck: 15 th April - 30 th September
Doe and fawn: 1 st October - 31 st January
Wild boar: all year round
Small game: 1 st September - 31 st January
Pheasant: 1 st October- 31 st of January


Mr. Zsolt Csáki
Tel: +36 30 630 8143
Fax: +36 85 560 271

In our region the woodland guarantees excellent hiding possibilities for the game and diverse tracks for hack outs and carriage-ride. In the area owned by Hubertus Company 2000 hectares is covered with forest. Because of the grounds poor nutritional value and extreme movements of the water in the area, Nagyberek is not very suitable for forestry. However, we do significant afforestation, approximately 20 hectares/year). The most frequent planted tree is the poplar. Fence is put up around the young trees so that the game can not do damage to them. Out of the area we are able to plant valuable species, like oak and pine. At the moment the afforestation covers more than 200 hectares.

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