1. Limitation of liability

HUBERTUS Bt. has made reasonable efforts to ensure that information published on its internet website is exact at the date of uploading. Nevertheless, HUBERTUS Bt. shall not undertake either express or implied warranties for information on this website.
HUBERTUS Bt. shall have the right to change or amend the content of this website without any special notice.
Users may on their own responsibility use the content of the website or make any decision based on information on the website.
HUBERTUS Bt. shall not assume responsibility for any loss or damage arising from access to the website or to any information on the website, or from default of such access or use of such information.
HUBERTUS Bt. shall not assume responsibility for any loss, damage or cost arising from the use of the websites, or their unfitness for use, improper operation, disturbance, unauthorized change of the data on the website by any person, or from any computer virus, line error or system error or for any other similar reason. HUBERTUS Bt. strives to ensure that its service is accessible without interruption if possible. HUBERTUS Bt. reserves the right to change or cease its service any time.
This website contains links to websites of third parties (extern links). Any responsibility for the content of such websites exclusively rests with the operators of the websites. Upon first connection to extern links, HUBERTUS Bt. reviewed third-party contents with respect to their illegality if any. At the time of such review, no reference to any illegality could be established. HUBERTUS Bt. has no influence on the actual or future state or content of the links. The display of extern links does not mean that HUBERTUS Bt. agrees to the content of such extern links or references. In the absence of actual signs relating to illegality, it cannot be expected of the service provider to constantly review the extern links. Extern links shall promptly be deleted when we are informed on any infringement of law.
The relevant author shall be liable for the content of advertisements and that of the advertised website. The display of advertisements shall not mean that HUBERTUS Bt. agrees to their content. The use of the website shall not create any contractual relationship between the user and HUBERTUS Bt., and shall not originate any claim or demand against HUBERTUS Bt.

2. Copyright

The website of HUBERTUS Bt. and any picture, voice or text content or their arrangement are under copyright. Any form of such picture, voice or text can be used to an extent exceeding personal use only by the prior express authorization of HUBERTUS Bt. in writing.
Please be informed that any use other than in accordance with the aforementioned conditions of HUBERTUS Bt. or any use infringing such conditions may be followed by copyright, civil right and criminal sanctions. HUBERTUS Bt. shall take every step against any infringement of law that may become known to it. HUBERTUS Bt. especially calls your attention that iff the website might contain any picture, film or voice owned by third parties, such pictures, films or voices shall strictly be prohibited to be used without the consent of the relevant authorized person.

The texts and data of the website can only be used if

1. the documents remain unchanged;

2. the documents are used only for information, and not for commercial or private purposes, and the documents used are not put in network systems, they are not inserted on the website of any third person, and are not spread through copying or in other media;

3. references to copyrights and these conditions of use are also inserted in copies.

Some elements of this website are also under copyright, and cannot be copied or imitated either in whole or in part to the exclusion of the aforementioned three exceptions. This particularly applies to trademarks, logos, graphics, parts of voice or picture contained on this website.
Display of links belonging to the website of HUBERTUS Bt. is welcomed, and no consent by the service provider is required thereto. Any display of this website in third-Party frames should be authorized.

3. Data protection

The protection of personal data disclosed by the user is particularly important for HUBERTUS Bt. HUBERTUS Bt. shall protect any data disclosed to it through the internet as if the same were disclosed to it by other means. HUBERTUS Bt. shall manage any personal data disclosed to it during use of the website in accordance with the provisions of Act CXII. of 2011. on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information.
If you give your personal data to HUBERTUS Bt. of your own choice, you accept that HUBERTUS Bt. keeps a record of such data for the purpose and for the period as required by the type of the transaction.
You should not give your personal data for looking into information on the website, but using some of the services may require some personal data to be given. In such cases HUBERTUS Bt. shall, before registering personal data, inform those concerned on the rules of data management, and shall obtain any prior consent relating to data management, which consent can at any time be revoked.
For technical operation of the website, HUBERTUS Bt. shall temporarily use the following automatically generated information not containing personal data: internet protocol address of the computer,

  • domain name,
  • access data,
  • request for client file,
  • htpp answer code,
  • data of website from which request was made,
  • amount of bytes downloaded during the visit,
  • date of the visit,
  • data of the pages visited,
  • name of the browser program used.

In the event that HUBERTUS Bt. intends to use the data provided for purposes other than that of the original data record, then it shall inform the relevant person, and obtain his prior consent thereto, or ensure the opportunity for him to revoke his consent at any time thereafter.
HUBERTUS Bt. shall under no circumstances disclose any personal data managed by it to third parties without the prior consent of the person affected unless otherwise provided by law.
HUBERTUS Bt. may use the data and information provided by the user particularly, but not exclusively for the purposes described below:

  • market research,
  • market analysis,
  • analysis of customers' habits,
  • compilation of visits' statistics,
  • organisation of gratuit prizes and other games,
  • information on new products and services,
  • information on campaigns,
  • settlement of customers' complaints,
  • management of orders.

HUBERTUS Bt. shall keep as business secret any information on its customers, partners and other clients, their data and business relationship with HUBERTUS Bt.. Any release from keeping such information as business secret may be granted only by the data provider concerned.
HUBERTUS Bt. shall take comprehensive technical and operation security measures in order to avoid unauthorized use of the data managed by it and to prevent any related abuse. Security procedures shall regularly be checked and improved in accordance with technological development.
If required in writing, HUBERTUS Bt. shall inform any person concerned on the management of personal data.
Please be informed that you can have access, from the websites of HUBERTUS Bt., to the websites of other companies or organisations, and HUBERTUS Bt. shall not assume responsibility for the content and accuracy of the data published on such websites and for the security of your data. When you use such websites, it is recommended to be aware of the data protection politics of the organisation publishing the relevant website. HUBERTUS Bt. expressly calls your attention that its internet data communication systems are imperfect as to security, and cannot /fully be protected against third-party access.

4. Governing law

The law of the Republic of Hungary shall apply to the conditions described above.